Dana or the economy of generosity

Dana or the economy of generosity

In accordance with Buddhist traditions, many of the resources such as online courses, guided meditations and video talks available from this website are freely offered as dana. Dana refers to the economy of generosity where the teachings and services are given freely and those who receive this gift have the opportunity to reciprocate. In the case of the dana offered from this website, reciprocation in the form of a financial gift is most practical.

The aim of dana is to cultivate joy from generosity and this is an important step on a path of healing and awakening. The amount you choose to give or not give with dana is completely up to you. If you give too much resulting in difficulty, hardship and regrets for your self, then it defeats the purpose. Conversely, if you would like to give and do not, or give what is in your mind as too little, then again the function of dana is defeated.

A link to giving dana is provided below. We rejoice in your generosity and may the joy be shared.


If you wish to offer dana by bank deposit within Australia use these details: Name: Malcolm Huxter  BSB 722744  Account Number:  100134481