Introduction to Buddhist Meditations

Module 1 Meditation
Unit 2 Recording 1a coming here now exercise-experiential  - Preview  
Unit 3 Recording 1b presentation on meditation part 1  
Unit 4 Recording 1c presentation on meditation Part 2 -serenity and insight  
Unit 5 Recording 1d presentation meditation part 3 some scientific considerations  
Unit 6 Recording 1e guided meditation being present with the body  
Module 2 Mindfulness
Unit 1 Recording 2a mindfulness presentation part 1  
Unit 2 Recording 2b mindfulness part 2 experiential exercise  
Unit 3 Recording 2c enquiry about experiential exercise for mindfulness part 2 extension  
Unit 4 Recording 2d the first three foundations of mindfulness  
Unit 5 Recording 2e instructions for one insight meditation practice  
Unit 6 Recording 2f the 4th foundation of mindfulness Part 3 extension  
Unit 7 Recording 2g guided mindfulness practice -the hindrances and factors of awakening  
Module 3 Serenity meditation incl HEAL
Unit 1 Recording 3a presentation on meditation for serenity part 1  
Unit 2 Recording 3b presentation on serenity part 2  
Unit 3 Recording 3c guided mindfulness of breath meditation for serenity  
Module 4 Presentation the 4 divine abodes
Unit 1 Recording 4a presentation the 4 divine abodes  
Module 5 Equanimity unshaken
Unit 1 Recording 5a presentation on Equanimity pt 1  
Unit 2 Recording 5b presentation on equanimity part 2  
Unit 3 Recording 5c guided meditation - equanimity  
Module 6 Loving kindness
Unit 1 Recording 6a presentation on Loving Kindness part 1  
Unit 2 Recording 6b presentation loving kindness extension part 1  
Unit 3 Recording 6c presentation loving kindness meditation part 2  
Unit 4 Recording 6d guided meditation Loving Kindness  
Module 7 Compassion
Unit 1 Recording 7a presentation Compassion part 1  
Unit 2 Recording 7b presentation compassion part 2  
Unit 3 Recording 7c guided meditation on compassion  
Module 8 Appreciative joy
Unit 1 Recording 8a presentation on appreciative joy  
Unit 2 Recording 8b presentation on appreciative joy part 2  
Unit 3 Recording 8c guided meditation on appreciative joy