Cultivating Mindful Compassion and Resilience workshop,  Byron Bay October 13-14, 2018

Cultivating Mindful Compassion and Resilience workshop, Byron Bay October 13-14, 2018

A two-day workshop with Malcolm Huxter
At Temple Byron, 46 Melaleuca Drive, Byron Bay, NSW
Begin Saturday 13/10/18 at 9.30 am and finish Sunday 14/10/18 at 5.00pm
(optional yoga 7.45am till 9.00am both days) 
Please find registration details at the bottom of this page

Aims: This workshop will focus on how to cultivate: mindfulness, serenity meditation, equanimity (centred resilience), appreciation and the relationship qualities of warm friendliness and compassion. The primary aims of this workshop are:  to provide ways to develop, nourish and nurture these skills and qualities over time and to learn strategies to use these skills and qualities  in our every day interactions and activities.

Theoretical basis: This workshop will utilise ancient and traditional meditation practices from Buddhism as well as the insights of contemporary neuroscience and psychology.

Primary facilitator: Malcolm  Huxter  is a meditation teacher and clinical psychologist in private practice. He is the author of “Healing the Heart and Mind with Mindfulness.” Routledge 2016.

A practising psychologist for 27 years, he has been teaching mindfulness and related meditation practices  to the general public, a range of cultures, clinical populations, therapists, the corporate sector and other professionals since 1991. He began training in Buddhist meditation practices in 1975, living in Thailand as a Buddhist monk for two years in the late 1970’s.   


Yoga Teacher: Lisa Brown is a Psychologist, Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) facilitator, Yoga teacher and mother to four children, two dogs, two horses and a goat. She currently works in private practice in Bellingen and Coffs Harbour, and facilitates Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction groups and Trauma Sensitive Yoga classes.


Format: Though mostly experiential, this workshop will provide theoretical frameworks in order to give understanding and direction to the practices. The workshop format will involve: presentations, interactive discussions, experiential exercises, movement, guidance in meditation and the opportunity to practise. There will be optional yoga sessions with Lisa Brown   from 7.45 am till 9.00 am on  both days, at no extra cost. 

In this workshop we will address:

  • the basics of mindfulness as it is understood within a context of wise understanding and ethical behaviours;
  • four relationship qualities that can be cultivated (warm friendliness, compassion, appreciative joy and equanimity);
  • shifting negative bias to the realisation of the positive and;
  • the cultivation of inner peace and resilience (equanimity).

Rationale: It takes time, commitment and persistence to develop skills and qualities of excellence in our chosen life directions. Flourishing requires intention and attention. In addition, there are no quick fixes for life’s difficulties. The mental and emotional balance needed to negotiate the health, work, family, relationship and life challenges that come our way also often requires cultivation of wise and compassionate perspectives, skills and qualities. For the most part wisdom matures over time with life experience and the consistent development of mental, emotional and attitudinal qualities that support it.

Suitable for who: This workshop is designed for anyone who would like to cultivate mindful compassion and resilience in their busy and demanding, personal and work lives.

Sliding scale price: $60, $170, $300 or $450 for two days based on an honesty system of self-assessment of income and affordability.

Morning and afternoon teas provided. Lunches can be ordered.

To view the tentative schedule for this workshop follow this link:   Schedule for Cultivating Mindful Compassion and Resilience

Any queries can be directed to: Greg Owens  or 0431747764


Cultivating Mindful Compassion and Resilience - Byron Bay 2018




This is a non-residential event and lunch will not be provided. However, morning and afternoon teas will be and please provide dietary requirements below.


Sliding scale price:

$60, $170, $300 or $450 for two days based on an honesty system of self-assessment of income and affordability.

What price should one pay?

We do not want to under value this workshop by charging much less than a standard workshop fee. At the same time, we want to make this workshop accessible for those who cannot afford standard prices. Therefore, we have developed scale of fees that one can choose from.
The base line fee to begin to cover workshop expenses is $60. The choice to pay above that base line rate is completely up to the individual and there will be no questions asked.

The following are suggestions only:

  • $60 for those with an income of less than $25K pa
  • $170 for those with an income between $25K and $55K pa
  • $300 for those with an income between $55K and $75K pa
  • $450 for those with an income over $75K pa


Please enter the receipt number provided by your bank for this transfer


5% cancellation fee applies for any cancellations within 7 days prior to the event unless your place can be filled by another participant.