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Professional Workshops and Therapists Retreat

Malcolm provides workshops for professionals interested in mindfulness, compassion and Buddhist psychology.

Target groups
The workshops and retreats are provided for therapists (e.g. counselors, nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, GPs, social workers, occupational therapists or other mental health professionals or psychotherapy practitioners). Workshops can be tailored to beginners or advanced practitioners.

Workshop aims

  • To provide an introduction to mindfulness and related practices such as compassion and their therapeutic uses.
  • To enhance the skills and understanding of therapists who already use these skills as part of their therapeutic repertoire.
  • To provide clarity about the contextual basis of mindfulness and related practices by highlighting Buddhist psychology/philosophy.
  • To provide exercises and guidelines for using mindfulness and related practices with specific clinical presentations in group and individual modalities.

The short retreats provide an opportunity for personal practice under qualified guidance.

Malcolm Huxter

Malcolm Huxter is a registered clinical psychologist in Australia with AHPRA and in the UK with HCPC.  He started studying and practising Buddhist meditation in 1975, and has been teaching it in community settings as a psychologist since 1991.

He has maintained a regular and consistent personal meditation practice since he begun in the mid 1970s.  This training and practice has included more than several long term retreats.

For nearly two years from late 1977 he lived and practised in the N.E Thai forest traditions as a Buddhist monk.

After returning to Australia he studied and practised as an alternative body therapist with Shiatsu massage until 1991 when is gained employment as a psychologist.

Since then has worked with a range of clinical and non-clinical presentations from a variety of cultures in settings that that have included: child and family health, adolescent mental health, adult mental health,  asylum seeker detention centres and private practice.

He applies Buddhist psychology when and where it is appropriate and wanted and has also trained in and uses a range of therapeutic approaches including: CBT, EMDR,  ACT, MBCT, DBT and CFT.

Malcolm has written and conducted several different mindfulness based programs for different populations.  Malcolm has published articles in journals and magazines and chapters in books about the clinical application of Buddhist psychology and mindfulness.

Currently he has a book titled:  Mindfulness and the Buddha’s wise path to psychological health, in Press with Australian Academic Press.

As well as conducting mindfulness and related practices programs that he has written, Malcolm is a certified Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB) trainer and conducts these courses when he can.

He specialises in mindfulness, compassion  and meditation based therapies and treatments.

He has been a consistent meditation practitioner since 1975 and has been teaching mindfulness and related strategies to clients both individually and in group-based programs since becoming a psychologist in 1991. He has written mindfulness-based treatment workbooks and programs for stress, depression and anxiety.

Upcoming Event

I will be giving four talks at the upcoming mindful movement retreat for psychologists in Cairns, QLD over the weekend 9-11th May. Please follow the link for details. http://www.psychology.org.au/Events/EventView.aspx?EventID=13935 Look forward to seeing you there.  

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